60-70 St Mary Axe

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City of London Corporation says:
The site bounded by Bevis Marks, Goring Street, Houndsditch and St. Mary Axe is being redeveloped as a new office building known as 60-70 St. Mary Axe and nicknamed ‘The Can of Ham’. The new development has provided the city Corporation with the opportunity to review the use of that section of St. Mary Axe and in particular its use by pedestrians.
The Citywide Pedestrian Model has indicated that this section of St. Mary Axe will become a major pedestrian desire line linking the Eastern City Cluster with the new Crossrail (Elizabeth line) station at Liverpool Street and that pedestrian numbers at peak times will double by 2026. In view of this, the City Corporation is proposing to close the street to motor vehicles to create a pedestrian and cycle route. Closing St. Mary Axe requires the payment parking place to be relocated to Cutler Street. As Cutler Street is one-way with contra-flow cycling, the new parking will consist of two parking places with two parking bays in each to allow a passing place halfway down the street.
Currently, St. Mary Axe provides a diversion route for bus services when required and in order to maintain a diversion route, Goring Street will be used as the alternative. This requires the one-way traffic restriction to be reversed and the disabled persons parking places relocated to Houndsditch. To ensure that buses can exit the street, a length of ‘at any time’ loading restrictions will be introduced in Bevis Marks opposite Goring Street. To allow buses to make the turn into Goring Street, the parking bays on the opposite side in Houndsditch will be relocated to the south-west side. Double yellow line ‘at any time’ waiting restrictions will be introduced at both ends of Goring Street.
Goring Street has an entry table at its junction with Bevis Marks but with the traffic flow being reversed, a new entry table is being proposed at the junction with Houndsditch. The existing entry table will be retained as it provides a step free route for pedestrians along Bevis Marks.
The pedestrian crossing in Bevis Marks near the junction with St. Mary Axe is being moved north-westward to be closer to the pedestrian desire line and widened to allow for an increase in pedestrian numbers. The pedestrian crossing at the other end of St. Mary Axe in Houndsditch will have the ‘no stopping’ zig-zag markings amended to facilitate relocating the remaining parking place from the north-east side to the south-west side so that all parking in Houndsditch is on the same side of the street.


June 11th, 2018 17:00


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