Camley Street - proposed pedestrian improvements

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Added by Jean Dollimore

Last July, a new bridge over Regent’s Canal opened to pedestrians and people on bikes. It links Camley Street beside the Nature Reserve with the Kings Cross development area e.g. Granary Square and University of the Arts.

This very useful new link is bringing additional people into Camley Street and many of them will cross the road to access the bridge or the Nature Reserve using a desire line close to the end of the railway bridge. The alignment of the road (Camley Street) includes a sharp turn where it goes under the railway bridge.

Camden proposes to install a raised table (at footway level) from the end of the railway bridge and past the entrances to the new footbridge and the Nature Reserve with a view to reducing vehicle speeds at the corner. The entrance to St Pancras Cruising Club is also included in the raised area.


February 23rd, 2018 11:00


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