Maygrove Road - Road Safety Measures

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Added by Jean Dollimore

Following concerns about drivers exceeding the 20 mph limit, Camden proposes as a short term measure to build a raised table at the junction of Maygrove Road and Ariel Road. (There is already a table at the junction with Fordwych Road and speed humps at regular intervals. )

They go on to say that longer-term measures are being considered to better manage the traffic levels on Maygrove Road and they invite respondents to state their concerns and to make suggestions for these longer-term measures that will be consulted on in the future.

Since Maygrove Road is on the proposed alignment of Quietway 3 and is anyway useful cycling link this is an opportunity to make a case for improvements and in particular filtering.

The plan can be downloaded from


February 2nd, 2018 16:00


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