Lower Clapton Road / Urswick Road Junction Consultation

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Added by Harry Fletcher-Wood

Hackney Council "are proposing to alter the layout of the junction to remove existing traffic and pedestrian signals. They would be replaced by an ‘informal’ roundabout and distinctive informal pedestrian crossings. The road surface would be raised to help encourage lower vehicle speeds. However, there would still be a detectable kerb height between the road and the footway."

"The proposed changes have been designed to help the junction operate more efficiently and are expected to result in improved journey times for all users, particularly bus services. We also expect that pedestrian crossing times would improve. The proposals have also been designed to reduce vehicle speeds and create a more pleasant environment."

"In designing our scheme we drew inspiration from several successful applications of the concept. For example, schemes in Bexleyheath (London Borough of Bexley), and Poynton (Cheshire), have resulted in significant improvements to the junctions, transforming the urban realm in areas that were previously blighted by traffic congestion and pollution."


March 13th, 2016 18:00


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